Rogue Valley Firewood

We started in the firewood business after clearing land for a large residential housing development. After selling our wood locally and learning more about the superiority of Southern Oregon hardwood, we decided to expand our business. We have several contracts with local loggers to generate oak and madrone, and we already have a substantial log deck for next season.

Southern Oregon's hot, dry summers are excellent for drying our wood in our processing yard, which is spread out over several acres of asphalt. Our customers are often surprised at how light our wood is. This is because of the low moisture content. We are able to get more pallets on a truck than other wood suppliers because of the dryness of our wood.

When you buy firewood from Rogue Valley Firewood, you not only get the best firewood for your customers but you also get personal service. We will be happy to discuss your firewood needs and to work with you on the amount of wood you need as well as on a variety of packaging options, including .65 cubic foot and .75 cubic foot shrink-wrapped bundles and boxes of all sizes.