Frequently Asked Questions

What is hardwood?

Hardwood is from deciduous trees as opposed to conifers. Conifers typically have needles and cones, such as fir trees, pines, and spruces. Deciduous trees have leaves, such as oaks, hickory trees, maples, etc..

What makes hardwood a better choice for firewood?

Hardwood is denser, making it burn longer and hotter. It is safer to burn in fireplaces and woodstoves because it leaves much less creosote in your chimney than does softwood. Creosote build up is the primary factor in chimney fires.

Why should I select Rogue Valley Firewood's Premium Seasoned Hardwood?

Rogue Valley Premium Seasoned Hardwood firewood is the cleanest burning, hottest burning, and longest lasting bundled firewood on the market, with up to twice the BTU output of softwood. Our moisture content is well below industry wide standards, assuring you a quality fire every time.

I know what Oak is, but what is Madrone?

The Pacific Madrone tree (Arbutus menziesii) is a deciduous tree that grows primarily in the pacific northwest, from British Columbia to Northern California. It is regarded by those familiar with it as the best tree to make firewood from.

How often do I need to clean my fireplace?

It is a good idea, and recommended by the National Fire Prevention Association, to have your fireplace inspected and cleaned annually by a professional chimney sweep. A dirty fireplace can cause chimney fires and contribute to air pollution. Hardwood firewood (oak, madrone, hickory, ash, etc.) burns cleaner than softwood.